25 March, 2018


Crippled against my will, I had to remain dormant from blogging for a long time. All those days, I missed scribbling my own thoughts as well as visiting others' blogs. Today, on a beautiful Sunday morning I am celebrating my return to this page by typing these lines with so much of joy.

Well! For quite sometime, I lived a robotic life that was totally remote controlled by vicissitude of life. My health was down and I  underwent surgery. It was a strange experience. When I was moving from ward to OT for surgery, I pretended to be strong and tried to assure my family saying everything will be alright and not to worry but it didn't really sound normal. Had I been a good liar, I would have done it better. When I was passing through OT door, I could not even look back at them. Almost an hour later, I got recovered from anesthesia and as I opened my eyes, I saw myself back in the ward, surrounded by my kith and kin. That was a beautiful moment, I forgot everything for a while. 

Next was my new assignment to serve in His Majesty's Secretariat. I am quite humbled to have bestowed with such opportunity where I can once again rededicate myself to serve Tsawasum with greater integrity than ever before. Though I was little worried of new responsibilities and probable challenges, I was equally determined to give my best. 

Finally, it took sometime to hand over the earlier project and join the new one. My colleagues in earlier project are all good team-player who gave their best to the project. Together, we have achieve a lot. Parting with such group of dedicated people after years of working together was hard. 

All those activities kept me heavily occupied and I could not  manage time for blogging. Now, I am happy that I am back. At times, I may be a slow walker but I will keep walking.