29 August, 2016


Once upon a time, after the creation of human beings, a meeting was convened to discuss on how best to accommodate the new creature (human beings). The meeting was attended by all creatures that existed before the creation of humans. After long deliberations, the house unanimously arrived at the conclusion that unlike other creatures human beings have limited capability to sustain themselves. Therefore, the chair of the council affirmed and declared thus, “Our new comers are not capable enough to toil for their own food. They like to relax and love good-looking fellow beings. So, they shall have only one meal a day and wash their face thrice.”   

The ox was assigned to convey the outcome of their meeting to human beings. However, the ox, in the state of confusion, conveyed otherwise. He said “You humans are required to wash your face once and have three meals a day.” The humans followed the command. We still abide by what the ox conveyed, though at times it is difficult for us to make the ends meet.

Later, when it came to the notice of the council, the council was upset by the blunder made by ox. Their good intent to keep everyone in close harmony was defeated due to the miscommunication by their messenger. The council met again but the message already conveyed cannot be revoked. Therefore, since the ox was responsible for this, the council decided that ox shall now help the humans to plough their farming field in order to meet the two third of their food demand. The ox had no choice. So, he accepted and left the hall after handing his normal duties to pig as decided by the council. After seeing the ox leaving with heavy heart, the council felt it was quite unfortunate for the ox and revisited their decision to check for any consideration but there was hardly anything they could do. Finally, they decided that the ox shall be given a special power so that he need not carry a heavy yoke and suffer the pain of farmers’ whip. This special power was meant to place it on his horns so that, he can dig and plough the field with his horns independently.

Then, it was the duty of a pig to deliver the special power to ox and convey the message of the council. This time, the council was more careful and not wanting to see a similar blunder again; they briefed repeatedly and reminded the pig on the importance to carry out this task successfully. The pig left the house with the special power properly packed. However, while on the way he grew increasingly curious and wanted to see how that power would work.   

So, he unpacked it and put it on his nose. He tried digging the earth with nose and found that, he could do it with much ease but realized afterwards that he cannot lift the power back from his nose. It was all over then.  The pig returned to the council and confessed what happened. The council was very upset with an unexpected happening despite their repeated briefings and felt the pig deserves even harder punishment. Therefore, the council decided that, the pig shall be reared by humans but at the end they will be slaughtered for meat.

Today, we wash our face at least once in a day and we take three meals a day. Had it not been for the ox, we would be relaxing with just one meal a day thereby reducing our effort to work for another two third: we would be working only ten days in a month and lazing off for twenty days. Poor oxen cannot be blamed anymore because they have to work tirelessly for us. Pigs and boar can easily furrow ground with their nose but are slaughtered for meat. All happened because of miscommunication by one ox. Therefore, effective communication is very vital in every sphere of life. Our carelessness has impact on the wellbeing of others but at the end we always have to pay ourselves for the mistakes we make.
Source: As narrated by my father.