05 April, 2015

My First Experience

     The first experience in life is not easily forgotten and we all have a story about it. Here, I have one of mine. I am sharing it to remember someone who touched my life though momentarily yet left a mark pleasant enough to remember.  It is about my first love who may not be the good looking of girls but was certainly the best looking to my eyes. 
     27 years ago, I was in a kind of relationship where infatuation overtook my conscience. Those days, having a girlfriend in school used to be a matter of prestige because girls would not accept proposals easily. For me, everything was just right. As all other lovers, our relation was limited to exchange of letters, greeting cards and gifts. Everything was good and it was in her company where I first experienced how it feels to be in love. Today, what makes me feel special is the 'uniqueness' we had in our relation; we never ever talked to each other because we were too shy to face one another. Like dumb, we started our relation and in dumbness our relation came to an end. We had no argument at all because we never talked, not even once. 
     One winter, before we parted for vacation, we exchanged letters that had full of promises. When our eyes met just before the departure, none of us realized that, we were seeing each other for the last time in our lives. This was the last time I saw my love. 
     I wonder if there ever lived a lover like us who could never speak their hearts out. Of course, I am sure there is none like us today.
     Whatever it was, I cherish this memory not just as my first experience but as a kind of unique relation that I shared with someone who was as innocent as I was. 


  1. Quite sad that you both couldn't expressed out true feelings and however, I also heard same kind of story from friends during those school days. Any way well written and beautiful and refreshing of those moments once again at this time and moment.

  2. Sad of course but may be we were destined to be in the orbit for just a while. You are right la. Love, those days was just like that.