17 January, 2015


My Dearest Son,
                         As you complete eleven and turn twelve today, I want you to know that these eleven years of our togetherness has been the best eleven years of my life. It is a joy to recall those days you have been as a child and even a greater joy to see the man you are becoming now. As your father, I always have a front seat to watch your growth.
                    Recalling my own childhood days; at twelve, I was just a pampered child who totally depended on my parents’ love. Today, you are ahead of where I was at your age. However, the time then and now is different. As you travel through the journey of your life, please remember and be guided by what Gyalse Zhiwala  (Shantideva) once said, "Do not look for leather that is huge enough to cover the entire surface of this thorny earth but have just enough to cover the sole of a shoe; that is as good as covering the entire thorny earth and can protect one’s feet from getting pricked" meaning ‘it is not possible to restrain the external course of things but if one could restrain one’s mind why would one need to restrain all else? ’ Just a caution! 
                  Today, on your 12th Birthday, let me pass on to you what my father & your grandfather always said “When it comes to belongings, leave nothing that is yours and take nothing that doesn't belongs to you”. He must be happy to see us not getting into stealing though he is no more with us now.
                   Your Mummy and I, we are blessed to have you as our son and today we are even more pleased to see you growing up to a man. Now, you are 12 and will soon complete a cycle of 12 animal signs, the time where you are no longer looked upon as a kid and this is the reason for writing this letter to you.
                    Lastly, the man of God is the man with good heart. The world needs more men of God. So, please be one and fulfill your father’s wish.

Love, Apa.