30 November, 2014


     I have heard, once upon a time in Tibet, when whole populace celebrated new year with great jubilation, Patrul Rinpoche (1808 – 1887) wept; when asked why, Rinpoche answered, “Another year had gone by, and so many people are one year closer to death, still unprepared.”
     I do not know why! but, these words of Patrul Rinpoche keep coming to my mind so regularly on every 30th November.  May be, I too am unprepared like those people.
    By dictionary-definition, 30th November is my ‘Birthday’ but I have never cut cake on any of my birthdays. However, I always enjoy receiving good wishes from many wonderful people. This often makes me to feel myself more popular than what I am. Little do I realize that I am one year closer to my end.
     Today is yet another 30th November. On this day, I become older by one more year. I remember how I spent my childhood wishing that I was older. Now, I am older and will get further old though I do not wish for it any longer.  It is fine because even mountains do grow old. Growing old is an inevitable  process but growing up is a joy. I am growing both old & up with many others. For me, it is a privilege to grow up together with many wonderful people whom I call them friends. It is sad that some of my mates could not have this privilege. Many people have become a mere memories now. Some people who were of my age and even younger are no more and so were older people whom I met during my early life. Our life on earth is getting shorter the every passing day. Sometime, somewhere, someone said "A rooster that crows in the morning says another day from your life is gone now."                    
    Now, the less that remains is the more valuable to me. I have become like an hunter who is left with just limited arrows. I will ensure not to waste any of it carelessly but use it wisely for the betterment of self and others.
      No matter how hard the past had been. Life is always beautiful.

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  1. Great kind of saying from great master, Patrul Rinpoche( Main author of Kunzang Lamai Zheylung,( Words of My Perfect Teacher). Certain and uncertain of dead and life is inevitable for every one of us and truth of whether going
    holiday hell or heaven depends upon individual deeds.