18 November, 2014


     Every art has its capacity to influence feelings, thoughts and behaviors in society. Cinema is one among many that has a lot more to offer besides entertainment.
     To me, whether it is in big screen or small screen, movies have always been open windows through which I see different lives and how each one of us live differently from the other. Though movies are only artistic creations, good movies always have striking philosophical similarities with our lives; this is what generate emotions in me and takes me through emotional roller coaster right from the start till the end.
     One of the common interests we have in our family is our love for good movies. We go out every time there is good movie in town, this happens normally once in a month or sometimes once in two months. My children joyfully call this outing as ‘movie of the month’. This time they wanted to watch ‘Choegyal Drimed Kuenden – The Prince in Exile’. Surprisingly, my wife(Ama) seemed to be resisting her own excitement when she reminded me about kids’ exam that would begin after a couple of days but kids were more convincing that they need a break and moreover it was already more than a month since we watched ‘Ap Bokto’ - our previous movie of the month.  So, we went ahead though we respected Ama’s concern very much.
     Choegyal Drimed Kuenden – The Prince in Exile was an incredibly moving movie. This inspirational story was about a compassionate prince who grew up by doing whatever it took him to give others. Later, his own niceness took him through turbulent times. Though almost shattered, the prince remained calm and continued giving whatever little was left. He never became poor or unhappy by giving.

What an ingrained difference! We make our living by what we get but this great prince made his life by what he gave. A genuine act of compassion that transcends attachment with deeper realization that everything on earth is impermanent was what touched my heart the most.
     Half way through, when I could not hold back my tears, I pretended to be having itchy eyes but was caught red handed by my 9 year old son who was also in same state of emotions. Not knowing what to say, we both smiled at each other, still in tears.
     This inspirational film inspired me to get my life on another track though only time can tell how much I can do. At the end, what made me feel so special was the feeling that I too live in the same world where a great soul once lived.
     Scripted from the hagiography Choegyal Drimed Kuenden; the film is well written and directed by Director Gyem Dorji. It is yet another great presentation by Norling Drayang. This movie has a perfect setting and is so aptly done.

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