24 September, 2014

THRUE-BAAB - Blessed Rainy Day

September 23, 2014. Today, we are observing the day as Thrue-baab meaning 'The Blessed Rainy Day'. Beginning today, the water around us is no more ordinary. We believe, the water gets sanctified and will remain the same for a week. During this week-long period, we will be bathing (preferably outdoor). In doing so, our accumulated sin, bad karma, disease and defilement will get cleansed.

Back in villages, it is even more special as it marks the beginning of harvest season. It is a time for villagers to relax since it also marks the end of farming season

I remember how we used to observe Thrue-baab celebration during my childhood days. My parents would tell us how to pray and do a little visualization during the time of bathing. Right after the bath, we would be given Thrue Chhu (Holy water) from Bumpa (Ritual Vase) and Jinlab-Damzay (Holy pills). Then, the elders were served with Thrue Chang. Thrue Chang is a best quality home-brewed wine usually served after bath to an elite group in the society. No doubt, my elders used to enjoy Thrue Chang with much pleasure and pride. The festivity for rest of the day would then begin.

I also remember how my parents worked hard, often sacrificing their own comforts just to make this day a big day for us. Today, as a parent myself, I am only following my parents and giving the best I can to my children. I hope my children and the rest will follow suit during their times.

My sons during and after bath (23/109/2014)



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