27 September, 2014


I am writing this to thank a young lady. The first time we met was in a bus and that was also the last time we crossed path. When I first saw her, she was occupying my seat in the bus. I moved towards her; she looked up at me and smiled. She had the most beatific smile and was very cute-looking too; but the journey was long and the bus was crowded, so I resisted her charms and showed her my ticket.

With much reluctance, she raised her delectable self off my seat and cast me a sour look. Trying to be as civil as I can, I apologized for the inconvenience. She replied, “I don’t see why you have to make such a fuss, after all, you’ll be in the same bus!” I did not reply. I just waited in silence for her to move on. She took her time and when she finally left, she angrily said, “The least you can do is thank me for warming your seat.”The other passengers laughed and I reddened. I felt humiliated.

It was during a cold winter morning at Lungtenzampa bus terminal in Thimphu and there was only five minutes left for departure, still I had to get out of that bus to clear my head, which I did.

Outside in the cold, I shivered and was thinking myself; a pretty-looking girl, what a nasty behavior! I fumed, hah! her tongue can sting. Just then, I felt a tap on my back. I turned and there stood my oldest friend in the world. His hilarious face with a very warm heart was enough for me to forget everything for a while. Though for a moment, we had a very pleasant time together. Sadly, I had to cut short our conversation as engine roared to give a sign of final call for departure. As I jumped into a bus, I left him with the word that I‘d see him on my return.

That was never to be. When I returned, he was no more. It is strange, a life is. When he was alive, I could hardly spare him a thought. Now that he‘s no more, he is never off my mind

 May you lead all the departed souls from the realm of sufferings to the Pure Land of Bliss. 

Now, I remember that unspeakable girl in the bus and would like to thank her for inadvertently allowing me that last moment with my best friend. Though things happen for a reason or call it coincidence, had it not been for her, I would not have had that last moment with my friend. 

Thank you lass, May God bless you!


  1. Nice write up. Nicely articulated. Liked reading it. :)

  2. Happy to know that, you liked reading it.

  3. I m a fan! Again!

  4. Thank you, I am honored to have you as a fan.

  5. Hi Jambay,

    I came to know only today that you are such a wonderful writer, I love reading your writings, please keep writing and posting.