19 September, 2014


Every patch of land has deities known as Saye Lhamo, Shinggi Lhamo, Dhogi Dhagpo, Sadag Lugyen and Nyaip who are in the possession of land, trees, stones, water and environment respectively. They are the true owners. If they are not appeased before and during the construction of house(s) or any other structure(s), it is like invading their territories and destroying their property. Inadvertently, we offend them only to face their wrath.

Some of the consequences generally met during and after the construction due to non-performing of the rituals and ceremonies are: child born in that family would be dumb or otherwise handicapped; occurrence of adversities like divorce, huge debts, permanent disability, accidents, quarrels and unrest in house. Such misfortunes can continue to befall for generations after generations.

Therefore, it is quite imperative to appease these deities prior to such action. It not only averts mishaps but also helps; they do help us. If the construction is done in astrologically auspicious way, the prosperity continues for generations after generations and the owner and occupants are blessed, by making their wishes spontaneously accomplished.

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 “The book is concentrated on age old wisdom and auspicious aspects during construction of houses. It would be very useful for constructions in the Bhutanese context since our society is deeply entrenched in religious and traditional values.”
- Dasho Bharat Tamang Yonzin
Managing Director, BPC,
June 20, 2011 : Thimphu.

“Mr. Jambay Dorji has now brought out this book which explains what must be done and why. In today’s context it is necessary to understand why certain things have to be done. I congratulate Jambay Dorji for bringing out this book which will go a long way in educating our people about the auspicious signs and processes for building houses.”

                                              - Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba
The Minister for Ministry of Works and Human Settlement,
August 2011; Thimphu.

“This book contains both religious and traditional wisdom that are essentially required during the processes of construction. It is quite relevant to our community and would be of great use to all of us.
           - Lyonpo Minjur Dorji,  The Minister for Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs,                                                                    September, 23, 2011 : Thimphu.

“A book like this will no doubt benefit anyone who has faith in Buddha dharma or to the wisdom of Manjusri. From beginning to the end, the author has written quite well.”

-Lopen Ugyen Jurmey
April 27, 2011 : Thimphu.

“A book like this can help to reach astrological knowledge and other auspicious aspects to larger section in our society.”
                                                                                                                           -Lopen Sonam Rinchen
Institute of Astrology, Pangrizampa,
July 2011 : Thimphu.

 “A very informative book in Buddhist Astrology and Bhutanese belief; extremely relevant for modern times. It will be immensely useful to all types of people for different activities in their day to day lives.”

-Guru Kheyntse Ozer
        July 2011, Thimphu.

Jambay Dorji in his book Astrologically Auspicious Aspects in building Construction explains what must be done and for what purpose.”
-Bhutan Observer
August 2011, Thimphu.

“This book is already in the best seller list here. It can be an added event for launching it in the Festival.”
                                                                                                                                         -B. P. Bhattarai
Managing Director,
DSB Enterprises Pvt. Limited, 
May2012, Thimphu.

Astrologically Auspicious Aspects in Building Construction by Jambay Dorji is an excellent book, which guides us on the entire process of a building construction. The book renders symbolic meanings to our traditional art and architecture. Therefore, it is a record of our fast-fading traditional architectural designs and patterns. It makes a great reference to the people, who plan important life-changing decisions. The book can be used as an every-day guide for traditional Bhutanese way of living. I recommend every household have a copy of this truly auspicious book!

                                                                         -Nawang P. Phuntsho
A writer and blogger who works for NGO in Bhutan.

Interview by Bhutan Times on Astrologically Auspicious Aspects in Building Construction
 - August 21, 2011.


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