14 June, 2017

Moments that touched my life

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   1. A YOUNG LOVE IN OLD AGE - Spotted at Thimphu on a hot summer day.

     He was offering to carry her bag in a hot summer day at Flower Exhibition in Thimphu. Just too             beautiful!  His love for her has not grown weak and old with age.

2. Sacrificing his own comfort to for the love of his loved ones  - Spotted at IG International Airport

This is Mr. Abraham Rehman. Some time ago, I met him while waiting for my departure to next destination. Talking to him, he said, he was sacrificing the comfort of being with his loved ones at home just to carry out his duties in another land. For me, it was/is a moment of solace to know that I was/am not alone. We are just another Gelong Sumda Tashi in our own ways.

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