10 November, 2014

DRINCHEN AMA – All for my Mother

I have no far-reaching wisdom on spirituality. As an ordinary human, I live within the web of attachments. I have no material property to keep me wanting more, all I have is just a few people whom I owe everything for what they are to me.  To them, I remain attached.

But, of all the 7 billion people in the world, why is it so that, my mother has to suffer a lot and why I am not able to do much to ease her pain? She is the most wonderful person to me. When I was sick, she felt the pain more than she could endure and worried to the extent that she even fell ill herself, yet she never even mentions what she had gone through. 

She started loving me from the time I was developing inside her despite drowsy and sluggish times she had been through.  She underwent all kinds of pain to give birth and then let me relied on her milk for my life and nourishment.  It is said that the milk is a transformation of mother’s blood and each child drinks 1200 gallons of its mother’s milk. Seven of us had 8400 gallons from her. Today, she looks worn and fatigued not just because of her age but also because of this drain. Parents’ love indeed is boundless and limitless that one can never repay them. My parents had gone out of their ways to give me a healthy life and taught valuable lessons in life. I am only thinking ‘Am I doing enough for them’.

Oh!  The god of longevity, please grant the epitome of longevity to my bedridden mother. I would not mind for not having more. Please ..., let me continue to posses what I have. I am just an ordinary being and it is not easy for me to let go my attachments in a very casual way though I know all good things must come to an end. Now is not the time for parting.

Sitting helplessly beside the bed where she lays confined, it is really a nerve breaking.



  1. My heartiest prayers for her recovery!

  2. Thank you very much. This is what I need the most now. May you be well and may you be happy always.